What to look for in a Taxidermist

What is the difference between a cheap job and a good job in taxiderrmy?


The difference is usually in what you can't see--the thickness of the hide.  A cheap job has a thick hide, which will draw moisture even after it has been cured throughout the life of the mount.  This thickness is a twofold problem; the first being is that the moisture goes in and out of the mount, causing it to wriggle around.  The second; is a thick hide robs you of definition around the eye, nose and ears area.  My instructor said that the eyes are the gateway to the soul.  So, if you have a mount that looks like it just stopped moving the second you set your eyes upon it, THAT is good taxidermy!


These are six things I do that contribute to a high quality mount.

  • Thin hide
  • Open nose cavity, with septum
  • Plastic ear liners
  • Remove all cartlidge from ears, no bondo
  • Superior hanging mount system with bumpers
  • Backer board to wrap hide around back of mount